Hampton Roads Paranormal Society 

A scientific approach to what goes bump in the night.

 Beginning in the Spring, we will be doing "Ghost Walks". That means we pick an area or place that has activity and walk it, taking photos, collecting evp's, etc. This is a GREAT way to stay fit as well as increase our investigations. If anyone has an idea of a place, please feel free to email us at harpsva@yahoo.com. :)


  HaRPS was established in August of 2007 to help those dealing with the unexplained.  We respect the rights and privacy of those who come to us for help.  We do not reveal information about investigations without written permission. 
We are a professional group that carries out our work with integrity and honesty.  We seek answers and strive to contribute solid evidence to the study of the paranormal. 



Our office is located in Gloucester, Virginia :


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